Thirteen Fancy Types of -Mancy for Friday the Thirteenth!

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Thank Goddess it’s Friday the Thirteenth– and a Friday the Thirteenth with a full moon, nonetheless!  While kicking back tonight and watching The Craft for the umpteenth time is certainly not a bad plan, there’s all sorts of magick you could be working yourself tonight.  We’ve compiled a list of thirteen of our favorite techniques for divination.  Check ’em out!

13. Gyromancy

Gyromancy involves laying out letters or symbols on the ground, then spinning in a circle until dizzy (with or without putting your forehead on a baseball bat).  Whichever direction you stumble… that means something!  The down-side, of course, is all the physical activity involved, plus the fact that the magical act itself may make you puke.

12. Ichthyomancy

This magical art form involves gutting a fish and then picking through its guts to discern the future.  Sound gross to you?  Us too.  But reading the auspices (i.e. guts) of…

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Wednesday June 11th 2014 8:41 am

Today and yesterday I have felt sick, like I have probably got the flu sick. But even so, I have been looking for ways to make an altar, one to go unnoticed by my family. My family is a mix of loose Christians, hard core Catholics, and atheists. This is problematic, but I think I have found a way. It is far from traditional, I will be the first to admit that. But since I am a PC Pagan I see no problems with it. The use of a wall in my room and sticky notes with words, like names of the ones I worship or that hold a special meaning, also the use of drawings whenever possible. I think this is the only way for it to go unnoticed as I have already expressed a want to cover a wall with sticky notes and such because I am not aloud to have it painted.


On a different note I have recently come to terms with my sexual preferences, and it is not something that would get my family jumping with joy. And I don’t believe I will be coming out of the closet for them any time soon. I mean we have a friend of the family who is the same, but coming from a daughter.. I don’t think they’d be as accepting. I could be wrong but until I have somewhere else to stay I am not going to say a word to them. 


That is all for now, blessed be.

Mirror Mirror, a positive out look spell

“Mirror, Mirror, 

What’s Behind You?

Save Me from the 

Things I See.”

A spell for a more positive outlook on yourself.


Things you will need:

– One Mirror

– A cup of tea, milk, whatever (as long as it’s sweet or pre-sweetened)

– Two white candles

– One stick of lip gloss, lipstick, or other cosmetic

– Matches



– Do this spell during a full moon, at whatever time of the day you wish. Set up your work area. Place the mirror in front of you, with one candle on either side of said mirror. Place the cup of sweet tea, milk, or whatever between you and the mirror. Put your cosmetic object of choice in front of your cup (closer to you than the mirror). Light your candles, and if you are the type to meditate before spell working, do so now.

– Once you feel you are ready, gaze upon yourself in the mirror. Look yourself over, and if you see anything that you feel is a flaw, notice it, but do not wallow in it. Take in every detail, and as you focus upon the image of your being, chant the following:

“Against the laws of nature, against the survival of man, 

I’ve pitied and caused myself pain, but I’ve done all that I can

To help myself out, to make myself feel better,

To make myself feel that I really matter.

No more wallowing in sadness, no more pity, no more regret,

Over my appearance, my flaws, and everything else,

I will no longer fret.

I’m beautiful, I matter, I’m not a hunk of flesh

That doesn’t mean anything to anyone here.

I made a difference in at least one person’s life,

and I will not fail to recognize that.” 

– Take your cosmetic of choice, and depending on whether or not you wear makeup, put it on or crush the tube. Once you’ve done so, look yourself over in your mirror, and compliment yourself. Remind yourself of all the nice and wonderful things you’ve done in the past and present. Forget all of the bad things that have happened, and once you feel your spirits have been lifted, treat yourself to what you have in your cup. If you did the spell during the daytime, go about your day and do things that make you feel good. If you did the spell during the night, tuck yourself in and make yourself as comfortable as you can.


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Pop Culture Paganism in the Broom Cupboard

Otherwise titled, How to Practice Pop Culture Paganism Without Your Housemates Knowing! A how-to continuation of this post.

Broom Cupboard: my version of “broom closet” for pop culture pagans (a Harry Potter reference) but hopefully with much less heated debate.

As always, I’m not here to tell you what is right or wrong for you, or whether or not you should be hiding your practice. It’s not my place, and only you can decide what works best for you. There are so many reasons why one might choose to keep their practices hidden from their family/housemates and doing so is a personal decision that should not be mocked or looked down on byanyone.

Being in the broom cupboard myself, I thought I’d offer some tips to continue practicing without your family knowing. Feel free to contribute to this post with your own tips as well!


  • Keep a portable altar under your bed or in your closet, somewhere out of site
  • Things like action figures and pictures of pop culture figures can gathered in the same area can often just seem like normal teen/young adult behavior so long as you keep easily recognizable ‘occult’ objects away from them.
  • Keep a small box on or under your altar for any easily recognizable symbols for witchcraft or paganism. You can take these out when you do magic/rituals/give offerings and store them away immediately afterward.
  • Don’t go too heavy on candles if you have dolls, figures, pictures or posters of pc beings on the same table. It’ll definitely look suspicious. On the other hand:
  • If you’d like to have a more “traditional” altar with candles, flowers, stones, offering bowls, or anything like that (say you come from a pagan family and aren’t comfortable sharing your pc practices with them) you can use symbolism of colors, objects, herbs, scents, etc. to represent your entities. For example, my permanent altar has no imagery of my pc entities, but I have a red candle, blue candle, and green candle to represent Sam, Cas, and Dean.
  • Create sigils for your entities and draw them on the underside of your altar cloth

Devotional Tools:

  • A techno Grimoire/Book of Shadows/Devotional book using Word will keep your housemates from being able to read your private thoughts. Just make sure your laptop/phone is locked!
  • Online Devotional blogs and e-shrines are also a great way to express your thoughts, record your experiences, and honor those you work with. I will say, however, that if you want to keep it 100% guaranteed hate free you should try a site like wordpressnot tumblr. Even with anonymous turned off, tumblr users can still be very cruel and wordpress is a safe place for such thoughts.
  • Create small devotional bottles and charms and leave them in a box designated for the entities you work with.
  • If you’re up for the task, learn a fictional language and write your devotional book in that language so others can’t read it. For example, if you work with Spock learn Vulcan and write your devotions in Vulcan.
  • Make or commission prayer/devotional beads. To outsiders, these often just look like pretty jewelry.

And an overall tip: If someone wants to know, you don’t have to tell them (keeping in mind your safety first, of course). You don’t owe anyone insight into your practice; they are not entitled to what is yours.

Again, feel free to share your own tips!


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